What Are Some Of The Best Ways To Shoot A Wedding Video?

Weddings are often considered incomplete without proper wedding videography & cinematography. However, essential as it may be, it can also get extremely stressful to perfect it. It certainly more than just having the correct gear to shoot. It is also taking into consideration the couple’s needs and requirements and following their brief well.

Wedding Videography & Cinematography

Given below are a few factors which might help you to not just better your art but might also show you ways to do a good job at wedding videography & cinematography.

Remember to always communicate with the couple, vendors and event organizers so that you know everything–

Long before the wedding is scheduled to take place, make sure you have a detailed chat with the couple-to-be. Get to know every little detail they might have. All their little quirks, basic requirements, detailed outlook – everything!
Make sure that you know every tiny detail so that you can ensure that nothing escapes your lense on the D-day.

Make sure that you are steady and fast and carry as little gear as possible –

Make sure that you take everything to the venue but don’t carry it around everywhere because then you’ll end up slowing down, which in turn will lead to many missed opportunities. Since you’ll have to be on your feet throughout, bring your gear and place it somewhere safe and only carry that which you need at that specific moment.

Also, always remember to carry extra batteries. You wouldn’t want to be that photographer who just stands there because your battery has drained out even before the start of the wedding.

Wedding Videography & Cinematography

Make sure that you capture everything, audio as well as video –

Make sure that you have multiple setups, to capture everything. At weddings, you don’t get repeats and redos, so everything that is said – every vow, every sweet promise, every emotion – everything is conveyed just once, which is why you wouldn’t want to miss it for anything. Your wedding videography & cinematography should be such that the couple manages to relive their special day through all that you have managed to capture and put together.

Remember to always capture the traditional wedding shots –

Although you’d want the pictures to be different and special, remember to always capture the traditional wedding moments. Experimenting might help to give a modern spin to the photos and videos, but all couples want to see their vows, their first dance, and their cake cutting. So, make sure that you have all of these captured, before going on to experiment with different shots.

Wedding Videography & Cinematography

Always keep the camera steady –

Stability is the key to good photography. So, whether you’re using a tripod, slider, shoulder pod, monopod, and glide cam – it is steady. Even if you look to switch between gears, do it quickly and swiftly. Going handheld in this regard might not be very helpful, so keep that in mind.

If you are looking to perfect your wedding videography & cinematography, then the above-mentioned points are some of the things you should definitely consider.